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    Awesome! So far I'm very pleased with mine. Haven't been in the bed in a month.
    ...Tell me no lies, make me a happy man ...

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    Fall MAHHA is now a probability

    Quote Originally Posted by ferret View Post
    Grats! Was glad to help ya take a test drive. I vote full length lynx as the next step, totally hassle free. Sorry to say I'll miss you guys at mahha this year.

    Between your test drive and Shug's video review I couldn't go wrong. I'm trying to decide between the Lynx or the Spindrift as the next step.

    With the government shutdown my business trip to Detroit the weekend of fall MAHHA is cancelled. So I'll probably be able to make it now. I might be furloughed and if not I've put in for vacation days on Thurs. & Fri. If approved I'm thinking of going down on Thurs. night. (between 2 and 2.5 hours for me).

    I hope to see you there if you're going.

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