Just returned from a week of hikin' & hangin' on the Ozark Trail. The first night was a little snowy:

Note that I wasn't expecting the snow, and hadn't pitched my tarp steeply enough...

Had a few nice evenings, here's the sun setting over my HH on the Middle Fork section:

Spent a windy night on Bell Mountain, highest spot in MO I believe. A helluva view from up there:

Overall a great trip with the exception of some minor vandalism to my car. Some good ol' boys decided it would be fun to back up to my new Honda Civic and punch the pedal in the gravel parking lot spraying the side of my car with stones and nicking the paint nicely. Don't these idiots know hikers mean tourist income for the local businesses?

Anyway, I highly recommend the Ozark Trail for hammock campers. Trees everywhere, no designated campsites. Perfect.