Good [night] all.

Its 9:06 this sunday the fifth, and we're out roughing it with my uncle and my cousin. [ Roughing it meaning we all have our cell phones, ipods, and this handy laptop that my uncle brought. ]
Started off today waking up way too early [FATHER] and driving to the campsites to drop off the million pieces of firewood we needed.
Lucky for us I'm freakishly strong, cuz dad strained his poor back and made me carry all the wood... [ Totally LATE April Fools joke.... ]

Anyways. after my uncle and cousin got here we went to the store and got some food,.... Some meaning a couple million pounds of yum yums and I'm only slightly kidding.

We sat around the campfire for a little bit, just watching each other set up our camps, with a few comical moment scattered here and there.... and then we all gathered around the table for a good old game of 'Pass the Pigs', which of course my sneaky little cousin Skyler won. [I swear she cheated.....]

Now we're hiding from the rain [we being my cousin and me] in the tent [cuz we havent gotten the others into hammocking just yet] while the men are talking about .... sticks? and matches... yep.

Tomorrow we're praying its as pretty as today was, so we can go get the canoe and the fishing poles and catch us some fishies [and Sky wants to go swimming]

My other uncle is supposed to be joining us tomorrow, if he can get his butt off the computer and rough it with us. [oh who am I to talk?]

Anyways, thats all for now. We're staying till Tuesday, so I'll plan to make another report tomorrow, and then I'll eventually have pictures posted after we get home.