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Thread: WB and Superfly

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    WB and Superfly

    How high can the WB be off the ground when the Superfly is the tarp?

    Suppose there is a bad storm and the Superfly is up and is enclosing the WB.

    In other words, the bottom of the Superfly is just above the ground. In this case, how high can the WB be?


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    I would hang the WB where you want it and then pitch the tarp above it to give you whatever room you think you need. I camped in my WBBB and Super Fly a few times and noticed that using shock cord to hold down the bottom edges of the tarp made it almost impossible to lift the hammock while it was under the tarp. I had to pull the stakes or disconnect the shock cord/cord from the stakes to move the hammock up.
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    It's going to depend on how steep you set the walls and how much closure you want on the ends. When I'm locked down in storm mode, the highest I could probably get the BB without coming in contact with the tarp would leave the bottom of the hammock about 3'ish off the ground. Maybe a touch higher.

    No reason to hang high under the Superfly (I'm a poet and I didn't know it ). If you have the edges near the ground, splash isn't going to be much of an issue. I generally hang so that I can reach out and pick something up off the ground, but HYOH (hang your own hang).
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    the superfly is basically an a-frame with doors, so there is ALOT more room near the bottom/ground, the higher up in it the hammock is the less room you'll have, but like cannibal said, there's no reason to hang it really high if the edges of the tarp are somewhat close to the ground. i ususally set it so the hammock is reasonably low in there

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