Hi all,

Looking for some input from you veteran hangers.

I have placed an order w/ Brian for an ultra in Sil, but his materials are delayed so I have a week or so to toy with some options.

I am primarily a car camper. I have a buddy that wants me to do some backpacking and I'm sure I will give it a go this season. I chose the ultra because I plan on hanging 2x hammocks under one tarp on occasion.

Well, as it turns out, I have enough in the budget to "upgrade" to a deluxe in SpinnUL.

So nutshell, car camper with little concern for weight, but plan on doing some weekend hiking trips this season. Want to be able to occasionally do a 3-tree type setup or even stack one of my boys over me and use 1 tarp on occasion.

The ultra with it's 6 tie out offers some flexibility in pitching options, but the SpinnUL sounds like really nice material and the deluxe may be big enough for me.

A few things I have read here that I would like to know more about in addition to the above:

Spinn is louder in the rain?
Spinn will not streach and Sil does slightly? (Tensioners needed on Sil, not Spinn?)
Spinn is more water proof than Sil? Is this a notable difference in a normal heavy rain?
I am a fairly big guy 6'1", 190lb, will I even notice the weight difference on a weekend trip?
Durability and longevity? Is there a general consensus that one will outlast another or take more abuse?

Thanks a ton for any input, and if I missed any obvious benefits of either material, help me out.