Long story, but I have a last minute trip in weather I have never hung. Forecast puts weather as low as 25F. I basically have 1 or 2 nights to pack for this trip if I am lucky.

Tarp - OES 4 season (figured pitch it low pull the doors shut, like a tent)
Hammock - WBBB double 1.0
Top insulation - Got my choice of Big Agnes bags (only one in family going so I can poach from wife or others). Choices from 15F, 30F, 50F and 65F if I recall.
Bottom insulation - WB 3 season yeti

Extra stuff at house I could use:
- 1 puffer jacket, don't really have time to sew
- Emergency blanket
- Sunshield (found one for $3 on clearance at Target)
- Air core or Insulated air core pads for big agnes bags
- Yoga mat

I am a warm sleeper and also give off pretty good humidity. For bags I figured 30F and then 65F, making for a flexible top insulation option. For bottom I just don't know, anything with Big Agnes pad is a sleeping nightmare (comfort + humidity) not to mention they are narrow. Assuming I block all wind could I just get by with extra stuff under my feet (mat + maybe puffer)?