Well I have my new Hammock arriving tomorrow and I'm eager to start testing everything. I'm located in Blacksburg, VA at VaTech and I'm looking for camp sites/trails that are free and have easy access. The reason I'm not just going somewhere near my apartment is that I'm just off campus and I want to get away from the college crowd so I don't have to worry about stumbling drunks

So basically I'm looking for areas in Southwest Virginia that I can setup up with out being too far from the parking lot so if need be I can head to my car for different gear or at worst to sleep in. I'm not to sure on National Park/State Park or Forest rules which is more so why I'm asking. My first thought was to head to the Dragon's Tooth or McAfee's Knob lookout sections of the AT which I am familiar with both and setting up somewhere in those areas.

Thanks in Advance!