only halfway through all posts but i came accross this by Rev and thought i would question-sorry if it's been covered

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If you delve into the archives you will find cases of the ridgeline breaking. The thing they seem to have in common is they were strung too tight to start with. Either that or someone decided to grab the ridgeline and use it as a re-adjustment line for moving about in the hammock. My ridgeline is looser when I am in the hammock than when I hang it... and I outweigh both of you.

My opinion is for sure changre the suspension unless you are looking for the lightest possible rig. The HH stock ropes are the lightest rig you can have on an HH hammock. But ring buckles make life so much easier. You may lose the attachment of the tarp to the suspension lines depending on how you convert but my advice is to upgrade the tarp to the hex and hang it separately anyway so that's no biggie.
wow glad i'm reading more posts-first i always horse my ridgeline as tight as i can get it and have used the ridgeline many times to pull myself into position you may just have saved me some bruises! so does everyone hang the ridge loose?one of my complaints is when hung i find the fly too tight to the hammock netting-is hanging more loose (if so-how loose?)a way to get the fly raised and that little tight crease out from the back of my knees?