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    Hello guys and gals, just registered on here (from Manchester, UK). I'm a very new convert to hammocking, gave it a go for a couple of nights and just love the simplicity of it. For my first go I used a Trekmates expedition hammock - very narrow (only about a meter or so) so am looking to upgrade. Question; Am I best getting a hammock with a bug net or not? I want a light weight DL - and after lots of research have decided on either DD Camping or Dream Hammock Roaming Gnome (big difference in their prices I know).

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    Welcome to the club! I own a WBBB and a Roaming Gnome. I can honestly say I do enjoy the Roaming Gnome. If you plan to do any warm weather camping, then you will want a bug net. It makes things...well....less buggy. I like the Roaming Gnome because it can be totally zipped out of the way when you don't need it.

    Just my two pennies' worth.
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    Thanks for the welcome Wanderlust78 - that's also what I like about the gnome. Most of the netted hammocks over here (uk) are a bit more complex with spreader rods extra ropes etc. and more like a kilo+ in weight. I'm 6ft, 85kg - what width would you recommend? I was thinking 63" (want to keep the weight down if I can). I've already emailed Randy at DH with a few questions and got very informative reply - seems a nice chap. Decisions decisions.

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    Welcome to the forums! I'm recently new as well. I am finding that I prefer to not use my bug net during cooler weather and really love the wide open feeling that being bug net free creates. But once bug season is back, I'll be needing some type of bug net for sure! I'm having the same dilemma you are, I will probably upgrade my hammock, but I can't decide if I want a hammock with a built in (integrated) bug net or a more simple hammock (that I would just add a bug net over during bug season).

    I've heard really great things about the Dream Hammocks. Randy, the owner, has emailed me back almost immediately with any of my inquiries to him. If I decide to buy a hammock with an integrated bug net, I will likely be buying a Dangerbird or Roaming Gnome. For now, I think I'm going to make a simple DIY bug net to put over my current hammock and see how I like that setup for a season. (I hate my current bugnet, an ENO, so I will certainly not be using that one. It is too heavy, impossible to slide out of the way when you want to lounge or cook, and the zipper pulls on my hair behind my head every darn time I get in or out).

    Good luck with your decision. This forum is a treasure trove of information.
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