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yeah its pretty noisy but such a small gripe for such a nice piece, i would not have even noticed but the wife thought i had robbed wal mart of all the plastic shopping bags, i am thinking of securing my ridgeline much like you do for the blckbird, 3/4 webbing 15 ft long and some ring buckles and a biner anyone else do this or use this system???
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I was thinking about doing the same thing kayaknut. The hammock is so easy to set up with them, why not the tarp too? Interested to see what the experienced crew thinks about this idea.
Not sure what you are getting at. Do you mean a set of webbing and ring buckles to the tarp and another to the hammock? Wouldn't see why it wouldn't work, just weigh a couple more ozs.

A guy line around the tree and back to the hammock, tied in a slip knot works for me.