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New hanger here! I have a Claytor JH on the way and from the sound of it I definitely want to change the suspension. I want to keep the weight as low as I can, but also need to keep the cost down.

I've been doing quite a bit of nosing around on here and other sites. It sounds like the preferred lightweight setup for at least some of you is Spyderline/rings/tree huggers. I was heading that direction, but $25 for 50ft of Spyderline is a bit rich for me!

What would be the next best option for cord that is a little cheaper?

Also, If I go with heavier cord, would it be just as good to use webbing? I'm not sure what the weight difference is between the two.

I have used the Harbor Freight 1500 lb polyester webbing on their whath ya call it ( truck load ratchet straps). One end just costs a few bucks for 15 feet, you will have to cut the ratchet off. And you'll need a short piece of strong cord from the hammock to some rings or cinch buckles. Works perfectly.

However, I still use the stock Claytor webbing on one end with a No Net. And I'm well over 200 lbs, and my son is even bigger. And he uses it on both ends. Neither of us have had any problems, though several folks here have had. It is supposed to stretch bad, but no problem with us. It is probably about the lightest approach, and no extra money is involved.

It does wick water into your hammock like crazy, no doubt. But a couple of simple knots on each side near the hammock has worked perfectly for us to stop the water.