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    Quote Originally Posted by Spock View Post
    Whether anything is down proof depends on the grade of down. The TIY stuff is certainly adequate to contain top quality 900 down. Down of lesser quality contains quills and will shred the lightly calendered DIY fabric.

    The main argument against the DIY stuff is that is is not at all wind or water resistant -- especially wind. That makes it a poor choice for either a down or synthetic fill quilt.
    Well what would be the best choice, and where can I find it? I agree wind and water resistnt would be good for the top shell. What ould be best for the bottom (inner) shell? I like the idea mentioned above of momentum inside and cheper 1.1 on the outside for simple cost effectiveness.

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    Best choice? I use "Momentum" from Thruhiker - about 9.5 with DWR - for both shells. Even high volume down contains some small quills that will poke right through the DIY Tactical fabric. I ran a test on it with 800+ down.

    That DIY Tactical stuff really sucks. I liked the coyote color so I ordered a bunch thinking I could find a use for it. So far the only suitable use I've been able to find is outside pockets on SUL packs because it just won't hold water at all, so it drains as fast as mesh and is a little lighter. The only thing I can't figure out is why it weighs so much even though it is less substantial than Momentum.

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