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    Stormy Chicago night with some new UK gear

    So last night I had a chance to try out a few pieces of gear I purchased recently on a snowy Chicago evening.

    My gear consisted of a Snugpak jungle hammock, a DD hammocks (Snugpak) under quilt, and my Snugpak jungle bag with a Thermolite Reactor liner. I also had a DD hammocks M tarp, but I'm trying to write more about warmth then coverage.

    It was snowing and my meter recorded a low temp overnight of 28 F. I was only wearing my Under Armor 3.0 shirt and pants, some regular socks, and a wool hat.

    I was super toasty the entire evening, which isn't bad considering that the jungle bag is only rated for 45 F and the liner is only supposed to add 10 degrees. Everything worked great and I slept like a sedated baby in the Snugpak hammock. The DD under quilt worked great and I didn't notice any drafts or cold spots. If any one has any experience with this quilt you know how easy it is to adjust with the shock cord adjustment system that is right in the middle of the quilt and is very easily reached while laying in the hammock.

    Guess there isn't much else to say except I'm really happy with all of this gear, especially the quilt considering it cost about $125 shipped.
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