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    sleeping cosy in Australia?

    Hi everyone

    I've read around a little, but I haven't found a definite answer to my question.

    The gear I have: A JRB Nest (that's moved from the US to South America to Australia)- it doesn't seem as warm as it once was.
    I also have A snugpak "Softie Merlin" black mummy-style sleeping bag, rated to 5*C comfort, 0*C (

    I'm hiking and camping in Victoria, Australia, with overnight temperatures ranging from roughly 0*C to 30*C (+), though I might start winter hiking, which would drop the minimum to max (heh) -10*C. (For you Farenheit-ers, that's 14F to 86F(+))

    The last couple of times I've been out I've been ground sleeping in tents on a roll mat (sigh) and that might be why I've been a little cold. (Snugpak mummy only) And I'd like to make sure I'm not cold in the hammock.

    Would a winter quilt (such as the Rocky Mountain Sniveller) be overkill? Or should I just go for a No Sniveller, or another system entirely? Would the MT Washington be more idiot proof?

    I'd use it to augment my winter set up and replace the mummy for warmer weather.

    Thanks everyone!
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