My little guy(12) just spent his first night out at a scouting campout in his new BB 1.1 double and Bigmambajamba Tarp.

The scoutmaster had called me earlier in the day to warn me there were no trees at the camp area, so I put in his pack a single man tent I aquired 25 years ago for the AT just in case. Well, My son would have none of it, and found 2 small trees near the canal. He reported back to me that he had slept the whole night through and had THE most comfortable sleep of the Troop.

One of the Dad's who went said they were worried for him durring the night, because he basically set up on top of some gators at the canal ridge. Typical kid it seems here in So. FL-chasing wild pigs at night and hanging with gators

He is now ready and geared up for this summer Long Trail thru hike and really excited about it.