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    The HF Flag - Photo Contest

    The Hammock Forums Flag - Photo Contest


    Fly Your Hammock Forums Flag Proud ... because we all want to see it

    - Snap a unique photo containing your HF flag somewhere in the frame.

    - Post a link to your photo in this thread

    - Provide a short caption beneath your photo giving it a title and brief explanation

    - On Labour Day 2009 we will vote for the coolest picture containing an HF Flag.

    Creativity is encouraged. This is a no holds barred photo contest. Subject matter and setting of your photo is entirely at your own discretion. Keep in mind however that photo submissions should conform to existing HF Gallery rules. ( its a family site remember ). Other than that, its wide open to interpretation .

    Nominations will begin end of August and final decision will be settled by
    popular public poll results beginning labour day.

    Grand Prize - bragging rights.

    (maybe we could work something with the mods and have the winning photo posted up on the home page of HF for awhile or something. Or perhaps the winning photo could be featured in the HF 2010 calander)

    But I Don't Have an HF Flag!
    - if you don't have your flag yet, there is lots of time to get one.
    Ready to buy one ?
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