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    Better way to tie the end of a hammock that uses a channel

    Hey everyone,

    I few months ago I ran across a thread that showed a different method of tying off the end of a hammock that uses a channel. Instead of just threading your line thru the channel then going on to whatever suspension you use, you'd actually thread it through the channel, then wrap the ends of the line around the hammock body BEHIND the channel a few times. This way not all the stress is being placed on the channel. I can't really explain it that great. But I tried it today and realize I dont exactly remember how to do it. Does anyone know where that tread is? I've looked for about an hour and can't find it. I did find this picture from warbonnetguy's gallery that shows this technique.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I'm almost certain this is the thread you are looking for. It was specifically about the El Dorado, but it applies to other hammocks as well.

    Some really good info in that thread.
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    That's it..thanks a lot!

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