So my new SuperShelter, new expedition asym, new kidney and torso pads, new #4 snakeskins, and new 2 person AMK heatsheet are finally in my home! I have only opened the kidney and torso pads -just got home from picking them up and need to take a shower first :P.

Those extra pads are extremly bulky compared to the super shelter sack which if im not wrong, comes with the undercovre and the under pad which should be bigger than thess two other pads... HOW do they fit all that into that small bag!!!! Im affraid to open it. BTW, my k and torso pad are also egg crate shaped, i had undeerstood they were flat, not that I have a problem with it, but maybe that way they seem so bulky.

Anyhow, time to hit the shower... ill be dropping back to let you all know how things turn up with my new 4 season system.