Well, I've had my hammock just about a month now and this weekend I headed off to Elizabethtown, NC to the Boy Scout camp. I was the waterfront director at camp for the cub-scouts. Got to camp and set up out behind the cabin the rest of the girl staff were staying in. Had my pick of sites because I'm the only one camping. Picked my two trees and hung my hammock with the brand spanking new hitchcraft thingys. They work great, by the way. Gotta get some straps now. The weekend went well. I had just finished an under quilt (summer weight) that I was trying out too. First night, was sort of hot. Temps were like 55. Sat day temps were HOT. Like close to 90 and humid and Sat night I guess I was sunburned because I was chilly until I got into my hammock, then I was out for the night. Oh, The Snakes and bears part... Had a whole lot of camping parents and scouts reporting many bear sightings, but none confirmed. I saw one Sat night that turned out to be a burnt log!! The snakes on the other hand, were real. Two timber rattlers killed Sat!!! Several moccasins killed just before I arrived. I'm just happy I'm hanging!!!