I'm finally home, and out of the hot weather [not, its like five billion degrees in this house]. But anyways, I'm gonna do one of my [apparently famous] trip reports.

Friday morning, five thirty, I started my day. Dad and I drove for about 3 and a half hours to the beautiful land of Hot Springs. Of course, I was asleep for the majority of the trip up. We arrived at the campgrounds at around 10am, way before anyone [besides Nest and his parents] were there. Which is really great for us because we got the first pick of the trees, yay! Worst thing about it? the little blackfly's are so annoying... ehhh.

Well, it wasn't too long before people started showing up, and introducing themselves, and all that jazz. I gotta say that its nice to finally match some faces with some names.

Anyways, after most everyone that didn't cancel at the last minute [Coughcoughcoughcough!!!!!!] had showed up, we all walked into town to see what was going on there. The outfitter is actually a lot better than I figured it would be for such a small town. It had just about everything, which isn't the greatest thing for hikers and hangers that see something cool looking and say 'ooo! i want that!'. -sigh-

Moving on, we all went back to the site, and hung out around the river and talked to everyone about... everything just about. Eventually, the silent auction started, which turned out to be pretty funny. People having bidding wars over the BB, the over quilt, and the snugfit, and then Peanuts and I with the soap [which according to Keith ('Salad' [hahahahahaaaa.....]) I needed, (-grumble-)] Eh, guess you had to be there for that one. XD

Hanging out around the campfire, (which is my favorite part of camping, besides the people), was also pretty funny. Everything from playing the '20 Questions' game, (which should be called the twenty billion question game) to reminding Fulminated about his marshmallow incident at the Congaree hang. All good fun


Day two, waking up to other humans being awake was good, seeing as how I'm usually the only one awake at 7am. Eventually [although very slowly...] people crawled out of their hammocks and we had a really big, and very yummy, breakfast. Then of course we went into town to the outfitter to stare at the pretty gadgets, [and in some cases the pretty girls that are hiking through].

Then, Fulminated, Rice Gravy [ricericegravyyyyy!!] Keith, Dad and I decided to hike to 'Lovers Leap', which turned out to be a harder [but not really] hike than it looked from the bottom, but the view was amazing. [pictures eventually]
and what else to do after hiking? Swimming in the river
and what else to do after that? sitting around and talking.

okayokay. this is getting repetitive, but come on. Its so fun.

Thats really the only stuff worth posting about, besides the fact that I didn't win the soap, but Peanuts and I halved it all. [woot]

Overall, it was amazing.
The people were all great, the food was good, and the 'everything else was good too.

OOOHH! i almost forgot. So, Stormcrow, McIntyre, Pedro, Dad and I were throwing axes and this shovel at an old dead tree, and it took forever, but I did it! Me + Shovel = Deadly

Alright, I'm going to wrap this up, because I'm really tired, and hungry, so...
I can't wait for the next one in june [?]