Hey Folks,
New to the forum here and this is my first post.
I actually won an HH a couple years ago and do love hanging. (I took my 10 year old daughter out for her first overnight on the AT a couple weeks ago. I was amazed at how hard the ground had gotten in two years...)

My wife got me a MacCat Deluxe for Christmas (how did she know!) I enjoy the extra cover it provides...

I ran into Shug over at MiniBullDesign. Like I'm sure everyone, I have really enjoyed his videos and after a few e-mail exchanges with him, got hooked on the BB. I ordered one and according to Brandon it is to be here within the week!

I am gathering from snooping around the forum that part of the "art" of hanging is the amount of tension placed on the hammock when hanging it.
I would appreciate any thoughts and insights behind the "art."

Looking forward to the help.

Thanks folks.