Recently, HappyCamper was INCREDIBLY kind enough to send me her BlackBird hammock to play with. I thought I would share my impressions...

Liked the "package" size of it- meaning the size of it in it's stuff sack.
I really loved the olivey color!!

Although I didn't have the instructions, it was very simple and quick to set up. I never set up a hammock with straps before. I grabbed my CAMP 'biners and it took me only a few mins to get the hammock rigged up and centered. What a pleasure that was compared to dealing with HH knots ! (There's no going back now, lol)

I noticed right away that the quality of the workmanship was top notch!

After grabbing a small pillow, I finally got inside. The zippers are very easy to deal with both getting in and out.

I always sleep on my left side, or partially on my stomach (still on left side). I was amazed (and I do mean amazed!) to find out right away that I felt incredibly comfortable- on my BACK, which has NEVER happened before!
I was suspicious of that at first, but then I became too comfy and sleepy to even think about it

I tried all different positions- diagonal with feet towards the footbox, then on the opposite diagonal, straight, curled up, and even mostly on my stomach.
EVERY way felt comfortable for me! I played with the tension a couple times to see what effect it would have on the comfort inside. It was VERY easy to figure out what worked best.

The BB is very roomy too! I really think the extra size helps offer more comfortable position possibilities. I'm only 5ft tall/108lbs., and some might think I might get lost in the 'taco' effect in there, but I really found that having some extra width helped me to be on a better diagonal, which in turn, helped spread out the netting above me. It had a nice airy feeling, and kept my view open.

Between the extra space and that unique and ingenious bird wing (shelf), I knew I would have no feelings of claustrophobia, and not have to play hide and seek with gear inside.

The straps that are on it are very long, which would accomodate varying tree distances. The triangular 'rings' are really great too. Less bulky than circular rings and they seemed to help glide the straps through nice and smoothly.

When it came time to try it with the netting open and flipped back, I found the process of getting that done to be super easy as well. The BlackBird made for a comfy chair! I know out on the trail, this would really make my ever growing older bones and tendons very happy!

My conclusion: I WANT ONE !!!
(saving pennies, one by one...)

I would really like to get one of these babies out on a long section hike!!

Great job, Brandon!!

*** A HUGE thanks to HappyCamper !!! You're the best !!

Perkolady who longs for a BlackBird hammock...