The pad option is something I hope I'll like, because it'll save me dishing out 300 bucks for the quilt. I already have more than one pad (you know... the quest to get comfortable on the ground). I probably need to try the pad thing before I go buying anything... I was just drawn to the Jacks' "End of Season Sale!" banner like a moth to a light.

I flop even at home in my bed (which is very comfortable). I think it's because I'm a very light sleeper, so small sounds wake me up. I usually wear earplugs at home, but so far I've been afraid to do that while backpacking for fear that I'll sleep through a bear rummaging in my camp or something like that.

I wasn't planning on actually buying a sleeping bag for the purpose since I have three already. Yeesh guys... I'm not made of money here! I owe Uncle Sam a buttload of money on all these med school loans!