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    Quote Originally Posted by spoolup View Post
    Guys/ gals, pardon my newbieish first post but I am going to order the hex to go with my explorer deluxe and was curious what size snake skins you guys are using? I know the hex has to bo packaged seperatly, but I have no clue what size to order with it (and google did not help), but it did lead me here. Thanks in advance.
    I ordered the one recomended for the expedition asym and it fits the hammock and the 70D Hex rainfly just fine. I can then put the hammock/fly/skin tube back into the hammocks original stuff sack!

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    When I bought mine it came with a free HH Scout, so I just used the snake skins from the Scout. No idea what size they are but they work just fine. I don't have skins for the scout now, so that's the only down side!
    Now I know what they mean by 'Hang loose, man'!

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    Hi all,

    Please tell me if I'm on the right track here (I'm missing something here, I think...)

    The hammock and the fly are in separate snake skins (is this right? I actually will have an extra set of snakeskins soon due to a sizing error while ordering, so this is doable...)

    At the moment, by hammock and fly are all rolled together into a single set of snakeskins and the fly is clipped into place on the clip/tensioner system on the ridgeline that comes custom with HH.

    Are you saying that the tarp should be totally separate with its own cord - set up independantly of the hammock??

    I'm having trouble imagining how the fly could be set up before the hammock outside of this...

    While I could see definite advantages for setting up under cover of the fly in rainy weather and for setting up without a fly as a 'day lounge' in good weather, it seems to me that this would double the setup time for both parts.

    I'm using caribiners and ring buckles on my tree huggers. Would I put up the tree huggers, attach the fly to the rings and set it up, then attach the hammock to the same rings and set it up (under cover of the fly)

    If I'm wrong, I may have just invented the 'Flyless Free Lounge'

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