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    I always use the button to the immediate left of the thread title which takes me immediately to the first unread post in the thread be it on page 2 of 7 or the last post that was posted there. t
    he only time that does not work is when I clear all threads by marking them all read. But I deserve any frustration I get from that tactic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angrysparrow View Post
    Hmm. Is your request not already filled by the 'first unread post' button?

    If there are any new posts in a thread (since you last visited it), the index will display a little arrow to the left of the thread title (). If you click that, it will take you to the first of all the posts that were made in that thread since you last visited it.

    Additionally - You might prefer to increase the number of posts that are displayed on any given page? I do that very thing. In your UserCP, you can 'up' the number of posts per page to 40.
    You are exactly right. I never noticed that little arrow sitting over there. That is exactly what I want. Great - you've already anticipated my need. Fantastic !

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