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    Quote Originally Posted by TinaLouise View Post
    She's Navy, her dad is retired USMC, I had both my kids on different islands!!!

    I hope every Mother had a wonderful day. Mine turned out fantastic. No rain and we got to hang all afternoon. My husband fixed food, and yes we had angle food cake w/strawberries and fresh whipped cream, yum. Shrek and ClumseyBear showed up and we enjoyed the trees.

    ok, gotta go, we're now doing the "movie" thing tonight (rented movie, popcorn, sweet tea)
    Thanks for inviting me. Don't forget to let Ed know you are coming to Hot Springs.
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    Thank you for the Mothers Day Wishes! Didn't hang or get to take a river trip....but did go geocaching with the son still at had been a while since we had done that and it was fun!

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