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    American made setup? Tips for DIY, material selection suggestions

    Hi I joined not to long ago and have decided to upgrade my setup with a DIY setup which I plan on making. After carefully reading doing as much research as I can, watching shug's videos, going to cottage company websites I have chosen the following to make.

    I live in Wisconsin and the majority or use will be 3 season at or near wi. May I add I have been in storms where my MSR tent (fully staked) roof is 1-1.5 feet off the ground due to wind and dust which is wet is coming thru the screening FYI this is a general weather condition in the Spring summer fall winter. This is not cali so I looking for advice based on those conditions
    Some of the area have a weird verity of trees so I have decided to go with tree straps with the Dutch gear and my own whooping lines.

    -whooping line/ ridge line
    do you guys like armsteel or dynaglide? I think thse are the names

    -a tarps (looking on advice for material as well as design)
    what material is the best for a light and somewhat sturdy tarp?
    I am looking at codura bran 1.1 silicon or DIY 1.6 silicon, has anyone seen a noticeable strength difference with the cordua brand vs Chinese?
    what about 1.1 vs 1.6?
    what about design I like the shug winter tarp which I believe is based off the DIY winter tarp. Is this the best winter door design?
    Velcro doors or not?

    On this I am going with either 1.1 or 1.6 untreated but based on the fact I weight 185lbs will 1.1 work with good safety?
    What about size? I am 5,7 and comfort is my goal here.

    -bug net
    I will use the thinnest and lightest I can get does anyone have a exact brand that proves the best?

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    What I can speak to:

    1.1 ripstop nylon will definitely be enough at 185. I weigh anywhere from about that (when I'm in great cardio shape) to 205 (when I'm in great weight lifting shape), and I have no problem with using 1.1. It does stretch a little more than some might like, but I actually prefer that as the hammock conforms to me a bit more than otherwise. As always, avoid sharp stuff in your pockets or underneath you in the hammock; that goes for any weight fabric, not just 1.1.

    30d silnylon (1.1 before coating; it's usually in the 1.3 to 1.4 oz/sq yd range after coating) will work just fine for a tarp, even under fairly heavy weather. The trick is to use a bit of reinforcement at the tie-out points--the directions at DIY Gear Supply recommend 200d Oxford cloth. I used 200d CORDURA instead, and have yet to have a problem with my tarp tie-outs at all.

    For the bug net, you have several options (note that I assume you want a detachable one here). The absolute lightest net I know of is the HUG net, but that one requires you to use a top quilt to provide the remainder of the coverage from bugs. The lightest full-coverage one is a simple tube that goes around the hammock with a cordlock and shock cord in an hem on one end (on the other hand, that's also going to be the most difficult to get into and out of). The Fronkey bug net is well thought of and very easy to get into and out of (and probably the second-lightest detachable net). If you're looking for super lightweight and detachable pre-made netting, I recommend both the BIAS Nano Buginator (a Fronkey-style net) and the Dream Hammock bug sock (a tube-style net).

    Hope it helps!
    "Just prepare what you can and enjoy the rest."

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