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Thread: Summer quilt

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    I've tried a silk sleeping bag liner in my hammock. I just ended up with a mess because I would toss about a couple of times before slipping off to sleep and the silk just seemed to wad up to one side. I'm thinking about taking it apart or spliting the seam that goes half way up the side and making it into more of a flat type sheet. I do like the weight of it and when I can keep it on me, it does provide warmth and wicks away moisture. I might even see if I can attach it some how to my summer down quilt.
    On another note, I just found a used military poncho liner that I'm gonna see how well it works for an under quilt and for just sitting around the camp site as a quilt. Love the camo colors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomsawyer222 View Post
    would it not be unwise to wear your top quilt in the rain then try to use it wet to keep you warm? Unless DDP are so plasticky that they absorb no water at all? Then of course it would be uncomfortable to sleep in kinda like a VB bag

    Maybe a silk sheet? has anyone tried this you can get them for about 5 oz maybe use two of them together might make a good summer alternative?


    DDP are not "plasticky"....they do not absorb water....water will mostly shake off...They are made of a very breathable material so they do not function as a VB....

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