Check out Michigan. A science teacher there made a bet with his class involving fundraising. Not the traditional bets of a dunking tank, head shaving, or pig kissing. Oh no, this guy has style. He agreed to spend 60 hours up in a tree for the kids who earned and collected thousands of dollars for a trip this summer to Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyo.

Wanna guess what he's sleeping in? A hammock, of course. He's getting good media play and has dubbed his time in the tree "Operation Squirrel". Kind of fun stuff and the kids are apparently digging it. Here is a link to his blog if you are interested.

He comes down today after fighting storms and everything 40' in the air. I can't tell what hammock he is using, but it looks to be a HAAB of one brand or another.

Seems like another guy that we need to get on this here forum! Would have been cool to get a flag to him if we had known about it sooner.