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bill... i can still see & click to enlarge all 7 pictures, & the quality still looks good on this end.
if you want to try up-loading a few pictures in a gallery, i start by transfering the pictures to my desk top. then choose & click on a gallery & you will see "up-load".
when you click on that, you will see three bars w/ a "brouse" bar.
when you click on that you will see your desk top icons, or if not you can choose desk top from the options.
take a look at it & see if it looks workable. ...tim
Thanks for the tips on Galleries, Tim. It looks like there is a strange problem on my end. I rebooted, reconnected, and still all I see, in place of the thumbnails that were there last night, is the text "attached thumbnails" along with a little icon beneath this text. I can click on this icon and the picture will come up. Except for the 1st pic of the hammock, for which there is only the text, but no icon to click and thus no pic. Weird! The thumbnais used to be there! I wonder if it could have something to do with my ZoneAlarm firewall?