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Pardon my ignorance - I'm new and haven't actually managed more than a ten minute hang yet, but these look easier to use than the rings system so might buy some.

My questions are: are they actually supposed to stop drips somehow? If they are supposed to stop the rope seeping water into the hammock, wouldn't they need to be under the tarp rather than close to the tree?
Yeah they are supposed to have the rope looped through them and that causes the water to drip off instead of following the rope down. When I didn't use them I seemed to get water that sheeted down more than wicked down in a heavy 2 day rain. I called up Clark and asked for a set as they were not shipping them with the hammocks at the time. With the rings in place that stopped. I imagine they would stop sheeting even if they were out a bit from the tarp. I would personally prefer they stay under though. Having had my hammock and clothes in the pockets soaked once in a cold rain I don't want to repeat that again....ever.