I emailed the order to Brian on Monday and my sexy new MacCat Ultra SpinnUL is here on Friday! Feeling this thing is like rubbing new titanium! OK, so I have a problem ...

I have to say it's a fine piece of workmanship! I got the grey one. It's already seam sealed. The weight came in at 11.5 oz plus 0.4 oz stuff sack, most of that is the cord-lock :-)

Even though it's light (and this is a big tarp), it is obvious that it is soundly constructed and will stand up to the elements. Tie-outs are substantial and well re-enforced. I don't know how he did it for the weight.

The finished dimensions are spot on, unlike some tarp makers who advertise the cut dimensions before hemming.

It's a pleasure doing business with Brian and, as his website says, his advertising budget is zero, so I am spreading the word.

Did I mention the super fast shipping?