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    Analog Photographers take note

    I know this is not exactly hammock related but I also know there are a lot of photographers here. If you will please allow me a little leeway...

    The following items are quite old but they were in working order last I used them many years ago.

    Exakta VX 35mm w/ 50mm Carl Zeiss Tessar 1:2.8
    Enna Werk Munchen G - A Ultra Lithagon 1:3.5 28mm Lens
    Asanuma Auto Tele Converter 2X

    Gossen Super Pilot Light meter w/case
    Small Vivitar Light Meter w/case

    Rollei 35 Compact 35 mm
    Rollei 121BC Flash

    35.5 Minolta ND X 4 filter w/ case
    HCE 52 mm 85B Filter w/case

    I am offering these to anyone who is interested in them. The is no warrenty of working but as I said many years ago they did. Please feel free to make me an offer.

    All offers will be considered as plus shipping.
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