Hi all,
I want to show my appreciation for this community. HF is made up of such a great group of people who share information, Share ideas and experience, Great cottage industry gear makers that cannot be beat by the "outside" world, and trusting individuals.

I just sold a backpack to another member here who sent me money in paypal not knowing really who I am or anything, just knowing me from this forum. On the other hand, I would have sent the pack while waiting for the check to arrive in the mail all the same. Trust is here that really cannot be found many places these days.

I look forward to attending a hang one of these days, but for now, am concentrating on doing my dream hike with my kid this summer on the Long Trail.

Thanks to all those who have helped me make the best choices in gear and also basic advice. I have learned much and look forward to meeting many of you in the future. And to all, Thanks for the gear addict support group-or enablers I should say $$$$$$$$