tell ya what. I have been making alk stoves kinda new design of mine. I started looking at wicky thingies after bacteriology 101 a zillion yrs ago. the lamps are used to sterilize the metal loops used in bacti plating. now I have a whole bunch of these stoves, they all work and some are works of art. Honest I have not copied fron Tinny! I made my first wicky thingy 2 yrs ago! but have just reciently found some suitable al. containers. For the first 10 or so hangers that send me an address I will send a stove of my choice. If you like send me a 5$ bill. and keep the stove. If you don't like it ,don't send the 5$ bill and keep the stove anyway. (what am I going to do with a dozen stoves? ,
I also have 3 boxes packed with all sorts of surplus light wgt. camping stuff, a stove or two, some cuben pieces, one or two has a hammock of sorts in it stuff sacks most I don't remember what. send an address and it is yours, first 3 .. I had packed them to send whem Klass had his send a box deal whitch fell thru! I don't want any thing for these, if you want to send the famous 5$ bill fine ,if not no problem. I request you pay this forward and send a box of you own funky surplus gear to some one! I have done this befor and it iis great fun! gnome