Hey guys and gals, got any really cool pics of your hammock set-up? I'm trying to put together a little binder full of various set-ups, hammocks, tarps, quilts, etc. The event I'm taking part in on June 13th here in Denver does not allow for anything to be tied to trees or staked to the ground. Bit of a problem when talking about tarps.

Since the booth will be there to explain why hammock camping is so much better than ground sleeping I think it's important to show what I'm talking about. I've got lots of pics of my stuff, but I'd like to see some other perspectives represented in the 'album'.

I know I could go around and scrape pics out of the gallery, but I feel dirty taking someone else's pic without permission. So I'm putting out a call. If you're interested, email me your favorite hammock pic(s). A brief description of the set-up and location would be sweet, but not required. I will give credit to the owner of the pic. This is not, repeat, not for a published anything. My idea is just a large 3-ring binder that folks can look through while they are standing at the booth. Give me some pics that make people go "Holy blank, that's nuts!"

Obviously, family rated photos only please. Thanks in advance for your help!