So on the spur of the moment Friday I decided to head out and go camping. I ended up at our semi-local campground. It's close enough for me to call it local, but not that close. It's on Sawmill mountain, so of course it's obviously named Sawmill Campground.

So when I arrive there is an older gentleman by himself setting up camp. I ride around trying to find a place to set up and hang my hammock. Turns out I end up right next to him, so we start chatting. He's a 70 year old man and goes by the trail name 65+5. He walked the Appalachian Trail at 65, and now is walking the Pacific Crest Trail. What a really nice guy. We sat around and chatted it up after we got our camps set up. We compared gear, food, and talked about just whatever came to mind. He sacked out after the sun went down, and I stayed up a little later.

Now that was the good part of the trip. About 1:30AM about 4 trucks pulled into the campground with total disregard for anyone else. I should have known when the first guy out was bragging that he beat everyone up the trail. It only got worse from there. The first thing they kicked off the back of the truck was a generator. Ughh... Then if the lights they strung weren't enough, I am guessing for about an hour, they had a truck aimed toward me with the headlights on. These people were loud and completely obnoxious pretty much all night. The part I couldn't believe was about 3AM when they were riding this four wheeler around the camp. They also had kids there with pellet guns, who must have had just tons of ammo because all night I could hear them cocking them, and then firing them off.

They were easily hands down the most inconsiderate bunch of people I have ever come across in all my years of camping. There were just too many of them for me to go over and make a statement. I wasn't in fear of them doing anything, I just was extremely outnumbered.

About 6:30AM, I heard 65+5 walk by, and I told him to have a great time, and gave him my email so that he could let me know when he arrived at the end of the trip. I picked up my camp, and moved about 5 miles down the trail to another campground altogether and spend the rest of the day there just studying and being out by myself.

For the trip, I picked up an ENO Singlenest, and some slap straps. I have to say it was very comforting swinging in a hammock where I am not on the edge of the load rating. I had a great night hanging, and even at the new camp set it up and napped for a couple hours. I guess I need to start bringing a camera as my phone doesn't have one.