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    Thanks, FishinFinn-Back From Yellowstone!

    Just got home from the weekend jaunt to Yellowstone. Did not take the Clark, as I don't have the insulation needed to make 30 degree nights comfortable.
    The sights were beautiful, young elk, and best, a buffalo calf suckling, and then the small group having a hard time crossing the Madison River.
    Weather was not so good at night. Saturday, cold rain, and then the power went out in the ranger station on Sunday night, and the hiker-biker spot is right behind the building, and they turned on the @#$@# generator from 6 PM to 11PM, basically the entire night (might as well have been camped in a truck stop) and then they turned it back on at 7 AM Monday! They turned it off at 8 when power resumed, but
    it just didn't matter by then, as we were packed and ready for a gorgeous day ride out of the park to West Yellowstone.

    And the crew on their touring bikes. I'm the Yo-Yo on the left with the yellow brim to keep the light rain off my glasses.

    FishinFinn, Those diy cuben hammocks look very interesting to me. I wonder if anyone has done one with a mossy sock? I couldn't get one constructed in time, but I like the idea.
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    At least you mentioned your hammock in the post, or I would have wondered where the hammock content was.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip - bummer you didn't take the Clark. Have you found your inexpensive hammock for your trip to Belize yet?

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