Did my first hiking on the AT in 25+ years this weekend.

Started at Tray Gap, hiked to the top of Tray mountain then back down through the Gap and over to Unicoi Gap. Rainy and foggy the whole time.

We finally found a decent campsite at the top of Rocky Mountain and got set up. I realized then that the ENO FastFly is a little bit short for the Skeeter Beeter Pro. No options, so went ahead and turned in for the night. Worked fine, and slept well, until about 11pm when the rain got serious. Water started running down the hammock, which made it less comfortable. My buddy was awake as well (Hennessy tarp fit correctly, just awake), and we decided to hike on out.

Coming down Rocky Mountain in the rain and DENSE fog was certainly an experience, and a much needed adventure.

All in all a great trip, and good shake down for the new gear. I'll be looking for a larger, hex type tarp. And probably a smaller hammock to use with the Fast Fly when the weather is supposed to be clear.

Here's hoping we don't get rain at Hot Springs, not sure I'll be able to get another tarp by then.....

wasn't able to get pictures of our setup, due to rain and non-waterproof camera. Other pics available at: