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    Hot Springs, first hang

    I had to drive to N VA from FL for business, so on the way back, I picked up a friend who flew into RDU and we drove out to Hot Springs for some camping and rafting.

    Arrived at the Rocky Bluff Campground (Pisgah Nat'l Forest) around 5pm (no reservations taken) and had our choice of campsites. Took one on the wooded upper loop. It came nicely equipped with a fire pit, tent pad, picnic table, lantern stand and LOTS of trees. There were two trees placed just perfectly next to the tent pad...or so I thought. Set up the Claytor Jungle Hammock and found that the trees might've been a few inches too close together. Tightened it up as much as I could, tried it out and it felt fine.

    In total, I might've dozed for about half an hour that night. Too hot, too cold, sweating, feet pushed together, etc.

    Woke up the next morning for rafting on the French Broad River with Blue Heron Whitewater. Nothing but great things to say about them in the two days that we rafted with them. Great outfitter!

    I was able to tighten the hammock a little more that afternoon and slept much better that night.

    The third night, there was some (underage I'm guessing) drinking, yelling and loud music going on well after the 10pm quiet time on the lower loop of the campground, but this campground is unattended. Put in the ear plugs that I carry on trips and slept great...and the next morning after we packed up and were on out way out at 630am, we gave them a VERY LOUD wakeup call. Hope they remember that the next time they decide to keep everyone awake.

    All in all, a good first experience, learned some things for next time and had a great rafting weekend!
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