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    So; how's the silk hold up over the season? is it a consumable;ie make new each year or a long term gear choice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KerMegan View Post
    So; how's the silk hold up over the season? is it a consumable;ie make new each year or a long term gear choice?
    I had some knee problems this summer so the pic in my original post is the one and only time I had it deployed. So I can't speak to the durability of silk.
    I did have to pick some twigs and leaf bits out of the bottom of the net where it brushed the ground. I believe it is like much very light weight gear - with a little extra care it will hold up but it is not bombproof by any means.

    I was considering inserting a Tyvek bottom in the net sock, (for extra space and debris protection) but decided that I feel too confined in any sort of a tube - so I'm going to disassemble the gauze bugnet and attach it permanantly to one edge of my single layer hammock a la Risk's hammock page.

    I need to head out to my favorite gear testing park and my usual two trees to determine the exact dimensions for the bug net (and work on finding the right length for whoopie slings) but are down to one car this week (deer encounter - driver's side mirror dangling down the side of the car - shop won't have the part until Thursday) and I figure my fellow with the actual paying job ought to have the car so I might get out Friday.

    Will report when I have more concrete info.
    -Liz -

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