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    Just came into a large amount of spinnacker

    I've just found myself with a large amount of <1oz. spinnaker, mostly bright colors (which I don't particularly care for) but the price was unbeatable. I've been doing a number of test to it and it seems to be reasonably water proof. Not the absolute best, but I am planning on treating it to another thin layer of silicone before taking it into the field.

    I'm tempted to see about making myself a hammock out of it as well. Has anyone made a hammock out of spinnaker?

    I know it's not as strong as silnylon, but it only needs to hold about 160lbs. I'm not the heaviest guy out there.

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    Isn't spinnaker waterproof? That would be a sweaty hammock.

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    Most of it is

    Most of the spinnaker I have is reasonably waterproof, its not Spinntex EXP though, so it does breath a little. I plan on recoating some of it for my tarps, but I also have some that seems to have a high tensil strength that is more water resistent then water proof. I'd say it's borderline breathable enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTCreative View Post
    I'd say it's borderline breathable enough.
    "Borderline Breathable enough"... I'd say give it a try bad could it be.

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