Yeah - I was hanging clothes on a clothes line one day and all of sudden it hit me - hanging the tarp is like hanging clothes on a clothes line, just think of the Prussik loops as clothes pins.

I had the thought: if someone told me to hang clothes by tying a cord to one clothes pole and then tying the other end of the cord to a single clothing piece and then tying another cord on the other end of the clothing and the other end of the second cord to the second clothes pole (imagine stringing multiple pieces of clothes along separated by multiple cords ) I would think they were CRAZY.

Well I said to myself that's exactly what you have been doing with your tarp, you idiot. Then I thought of Prussiks as clothes pins.

You can get inspiration in the oddest ways. Good thing we don't use a clothes dryer or I'd still be be doing it the old crazy way or maybe thinking of ways to hang my tarp with a clothes dryer