Just a heads up I got heaps of pics in this.
So grab a cupper and pull up a chair (hammock chair of course)and hope you enjoy

Boo yeah. The BB arrived the day before heading off to the bush. What awesome luck. I busted down to the park for a quick try of it to work out the finer points and then I was back to preparing for the trek.

Now if your dying to see the pictures of the BB up in the Australian bush then just scroll down. (Is this the first BB in Australia?)

The Plan: My mate and I had heard rumors of a cave at the bottom of this amazing gorge here in NSW. There is also a old copper mine in the area.....so off we went to find it.

The area: The area is a beautiful wilderness reserve. no tracks nothing. Just my type of area. The more remote the better.

Day 1

Up at 5am after crashing my Trekking partners place. after a 4.5 hour drive we took our first bearing and headed off into the scrub.

after a walking for a hour and half we came to the gorge which we would head into.

our bearing was good and we ended up right beside our pass(rock chute) to the bottom.

I measured the angle of slope that we took on the way down and it was an average of 46 degrees. Wow

At the bottom the going was hard. after rock hoping for a bit we decided that we would have to get wet if we were going to make any progress. So the creek became our trail.

The going was tough. I had my eye out for the odd rogue snake but it would have been impossible to see any.

We walked heaps following the creek as it wound its way around the gorge.

Its just beautiful.

There is a reason I couldn't find much written about the area. Its hard to move around in. waterfalls blocked our way forward a number of times as you can see in the pics.

finally we called it a day.

And here it is. The Australian BB

Day 2

After much exploring which included some real tough climbs to check out locations.

We located the old mine.

After some more climbing we located the cave. we are waiting to confirm that it was the cave as we could only get about 20 metres back before the passage got to tight to move in without our helmet and caving gear which was to heavy to bring on this exploration trip. We have heard that one in the area goes in a lot further.

After all that we started to push further up this creek which is a off shoot of the one we dropped into yesterday. the further up we went the tougher it got. our progress ended at this water fall .I scouted the way up it but we judged it as too risky and started our retreat.

We camped at the junctions of the creeks at the bottom of the gorge. but before the light ran out We took off to check out another off shoot creek and see what beauties it had to show. it did not disappoint

More BB pics


Day 3

We took off early as the heavens look like rain and we had planned to exit the gorge via a box canyon that as we all know are not the place you want to be if it rains. Also the rock become slick and are dangerous when your jumping on them.
here is our trip out of the gorge.

End notes.

What a trip. I slept fantastic in the BlackBird. it was great. I was ecstatic how awesome it was. I was looking forward to setting it up and getting into it.

My body took some knocks and I was out of adrenalin for a minute or two from the climbs but it was magic and I was sad as we pulled on to the paved road for home.