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    Quote Originally Posted by Take-a-knee View Post
    The Warbonnet (Yeti precursor) synthetic UQ was a differentially cut UQ. The outer shell was larger (wider) than the inner. The innermost layer was sewn into the UQ, the outer layers could be added and removed by hand basting. The UQ had a zipper at the foot end that provided access to the inside of the quilt by turning it inside out. The Yeti-style suspension and the differential cut prevents compression of the insulation.
    WBG recommended, when adding the CS layers(all of which were the same size) to attache each layer about 3/4-1" ( about = to the single layer loft) looser than the layer before it. IOW, the edge of each added layer would be attached about 3/4" away from (towards the middle) the edge of the previous layer. This would make it seem sort of loose and full of gaps while the quilt was inside out during layer addition. But when turning it right side out and putting in use, it was about right. This was to prevent compression of the layers caused by the outer layers covering a larger ark. Poorly wordrd, but best I can do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydweight View Post
    What are the measurements for your pattern? This is a really sweet idea and I want to as soon as I get some materials.
    I believe you'll find the additional information you're looking for on this thread.

    You might consider custom fitting it though. The thread goes through the logic on that.

    Just a note about the double front tie outs on my hammock. Unlike the Blackbird, my hammock does not have have an extra strip of fabric above the zipper. The body is a foot narrower. The ties have a lot more influence on the shape of the body, like they would on a Hennessey. This opens the body up nicely but I it creates a flat spot in the hammock body that is hard to get the UQ up against. If found that when it was cool I had to release one of the tie outs and that resolved the issue. I like the double tie but I'm not sure if I will use it next time.

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