First I want to add a little disclaimer; from the instant I saw the Hennesy Knot, and saw the video of the rope being pulled through the loops on the treehuggers, I knew a better way to do it.

This is before I found this group, and before I saw any other videos or pics. I spoke outloud to my computer screen and said:

"That's the dumbest thing I ever saw, why don't they just use carabiners?"

I have a few questions (some I have seen half-answered in other threads).

1) Assuming there is no "curving-pressure" placed on the biner by being forced against the bark of the tree, is it safe to hook one loop to the biner and pull the other end through the biner creating one large slip-hitch?

2) If used in the above manner then 100% of the hammock load is placed on one loop, is the stitching strong enough? Or should you always have the 2 loops on the treehuggers attached to the hammock (thus each loop only needs to support 50% of the total load)?

3) When tying rope to biners, what knot style is the best? (The hennesy?)

Any suggestions would be welcome.