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    Vintage Scwinn Le Tour 12.2 Road bike

    I know it's not directly hammock related, but I know we have some avid cyclists on the boards.

    I have a vintage Schwinn Super Le Tour 12.2 in excellent condition for sale. It has been modified with a triple chain wheel for alpine gearing. The rear cog is frozen and the chain is in need of replacement. All the compnents are top of the the line. Bar end shifter with touring derailleurs. Center pull brakes. Excellent wheels and hubs. 21" chrome/moly diamond frame. This was my wife's bike when she was riding the skinny tire road bikes. The whole set-up is <28 lbs by my estimation.

    Advertised at $175 but I'll make a deal with forum members.
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    My stable is full and that's a tiny frame for me, but I just wanted to chime in that this was the top of Schwinn's touring line in the 80s and sounds like a good find. Rebuilt classic touring bikes are the best. I love my 1980 Fuji Royale more than any other gear I have (even my hammocks - a great night's sleep is wonderful, but doesn't come close to the memories I make on my bike. I know that's like a Marine admitting he likes his wife more than his rifle.)

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