I went hanging on the Chatooga river this weekend. I did this same hike last fall and liked it so much, decided to do it again. This time we went in to the river and camped there for two days. Hanging out by the river, napping in the HH, and eating was the business of the day. For those familiar with the area around Burrell's Ford, we had a beautful campsite right where Bad Creek flows into the Chatooga.
I had a chance to try out some of the winter mods.
First, I got to really enjoy my zipper mod. Thank you Zipper Queen for doing such a good job and installing that handy little hanger on the ridgeline.
I also used my Mac Cat Ultra that I bought from Animal Control. Unfortunately, we had beautiful weather so I couldn't test it in a thunderstorm, but I really like the tarp. Also, the lines are orange in daylight, but hit them with a light at night and they light up like a Christmas tree. Really cool!
Next was the strap/ring mods.
I bought two 13ft. straps and the wife sewed loops in the ends. This extra length gave me so many more options for trees to choose from. One thing I confirmed... they will slip if you don't use a stopper knot.
We had several visitors to the camp that wanted to see the hammocks. I have the HH Exped Asym and my friend has a Claytor. Guys would stop at the trail and point until we invited them in.

It was a great weekend!