Was able to get out this weekend for a hang, took daughter and her friend they tented it "poor souls". gear used, wb bb, 3 season yeti, oes deluxe spinn tarp, ccf pad and msr groundhogs, this was at a local state park, (lake kegonsa) over all i slept like a dead man ONCE I GOT TO SLEEP!!! dogs yapping all night drunks yelling, generators going car alarms beeping, you know the drill, anyway wb bb was great to finally spend a night in it woke up completly rested and NO BACK ACHES. Around 2 am was able to get some light rain on me so i deployed the tarp very easy to set up and covered me very well plus other gear and firewood, top notch by OES. The yeti was a little diffrent, i as well took down the hammock to install the yeti under me, then found out the yeti liked to go from one side to the other however i did toss alot due to my 0 degree bag and ccf pad giving me comfort issues, all n all very successful hang with great stuff thanks to all who made it possible, i need some minor help getting the ridgeline set correctly it was very very tight this hang. i tried diffrent adjustments just could not get dailed in KEEP ON HANGING IN THE FREE WORLD