Finally got in some hanging time. This weekend a friend and I headed to the NC mountains on our motorcycles.

We camped for 3 nights and I brought the KAQ and a cheap WallyWorld bag to use as a TQ. All 3 nights I wore shorts and t-shirt to bed. Hammock was a SBPro.

The first night we were there is had rained, things were very humid and it wasn't that cool at night. I left the KAQ on but hanging loosely. I woke up around 3 and it was getting chilly so I reached out through my bug net and cinched up the head end and promptly fell back to sleep and was very comfortable the rest of the night.

Second night the sky's cleared up and it got chilly - I'm guessing at least into the mid 50's. Before I crawled in I cinched up both ends and was quite toasty all night. I woke up a few times because I had tweaked my hammock lines earlier (not for the better) and was not getting a good diagonal. But I was warm!

Last night I fixed my hammock and slept great. I actually woke up and was too warm so uncinched the head and it was amazing to feel how much heat the KAQ was holding in - that cooled me off a bit and I again slept great.

Overall I'm very happy with the KAQ. The cheap bag I used as a TQ worked as well but it was a bit too big and bulky in the hammock - going to look for a cheap mummy bag maybe which should be a bit smaller.